A few months back, I decided to switch from a small host to HostGator, since a lot of my business associates and friends assured me that they were worth every penny. Ever since I migrated all my sites there, I’ve noticed that things have become more stable, so I only have to worry about maintaining the quality of the content. HostGator says that they have 99.9% uptime, and that is certainly true. I’ve never had any issues with them at all. For those that don’t have a lot of technical experience when it comes to uploading scripts or adding domains, HG has 24/7 live chat support, and their team can help you with all your needs. I always tell others that the support alone is worth the monthly fee. Other hosts might require you to send emails back and forth, which could take up to a week to solve your problems, but all is solved in a simple chat session with these guys. There are also a lot of extras that are included in the packages, such as $100 AdWords vouchers, and script installers such as Fantastico. Anyone that is considering to switch or find a new host, HostGator is the company for you.


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