Truely some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. Went out of their way to assist me. As I am not a “geek”, working with me in this environment can (I am sure) be very frustruating for technical support personnel. They have made this whole process very “doable” for someone such as myself with no experience. Absolute pleasure on the phone support. With this level of customer care, I cannot imagine why anyone would use another company! I am an extremely satisfied customer and looking forward to being a very long term customer!!

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Dedicated Servers by InMotion Hosting

Plans Starting at Just $199.95/mo

• Pentium Dual Core, Quad Core or Xeon Quad Core CPUs

• Full CPanel License

• 160GB, 250GB or 250GB RAID1 HDDs

• 1.5 Terabytes or More of Data Transfer

• 2 Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee

• 2 GB or 4 GB of RAM Included!

Rated 3 Out of 3 Stars by!

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