Just Host


I used JustHost for my relatively small non profit organization. Considering our very, very small budget, their cost was very prohibitive to us. However, hearing good things, we decided to “bite the bullet” and sign up. It was disappointing to see once we signed up that several important features, including the DNS Zone Editor, were disabled in their cPanel interface. They also fill their interface with advertisements and promotions, so you have to scroll down a lot to get to what you are looking for. I understand their cost of $6.95 a month may not be prohibitive to businesses, but for us it truly was disappointing – we expected more for our money. Additionally, they glorify their “UNLIMITED Bandwidth, Disk Space, Emails, ect.” but only after signing up did we discover their true unlimited policy. For example, all files have to be linked to from your site and be available publicly (so much for our idea of an internal section). There is also a limit of 50,000 inodes (we did not exceed that, but it was always in the back of our minds). Their unlimited subdomains, domains, and email addresses was a plus, although it was disappointing that they only offer Horde and Squirrel Mail for webmail, as I prefer Roundcube. The Fantastico scripts also were a huge hit. Unfortunately, they did not really live up to our expectations. I would say that they really don’t go any farther than the typical cPanel hosting company, with the possible exception of uptime. However, many cheaper cPanel hosting companies exist with all of the same features of Just Host, so after my initial subscription I’ve now switched hosts.



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